India, with an ancient culture and heritage, has inherited a variety of cuisine-incomparable & unsurpassable
What makes eating Indian food a gastronomic adventure is the sheer diversity. So great is the variety in the country that one who has the notion that it is the land of "curry and rice" is in for a surprise.
Curry is not the name of a dish--rather it encompasses a whole class of dishes cooked with chicken, meat, fish and vegetables using various special recipes. 
The Emperors of the Mogul Empire apart from hunting, bird watching, pedigree tigers, classical Music & Dancing were absolute connoisseurs of exquisite food. Their several chefs would have been experts in special dishes. Jealousy guarded secrets and precious recipes often were handed down from father to son. 
These secret combinations of spices are what make one dish totally different from another. 
CURRY BISTRO offers you authentic cuisine with distinct taste, and unparalleled presentation, in a classy ambiance. An almost indispensable feature of  CURRY BISTRO is the imported Tandoor (clay ovens fired with charcoal). Our specials wield the culinary magic of our exceptional cooking without MSG or preservatives. 
CURRY BISTRO takes pride in its menu that has called from the sumptuous Mogul cuisine, the wholesome Punjabi flair, the robust cuisine of Kashmir, the fiery dishes of Delhi and Bombay, the hot spicy recipes of Goa, Kerala & Madras, not forgetting the earthy delights of the Tandoor--all for discerning lovers of authentic cuisine. Tandoor is clay oven, which you can only get in India. It BBQ's, smokes & roasts the meats into charcoal flavor & the breads are cooked on its walls.
Our authentic cooking takes time and effort. All our dishes are cooked fresh to order. It takes little bit time to prepare an order. Our food is exotically delicious and the flavor demonstrates the freshness. So make yourself comfortable. Your journey through exotic & tantalizing flavors of Indian cuisine is about to begin.

20% Gratuity will be charged on party of 6 or more

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